Young people and Europe - Exhibition and stories

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The Espace Jeunes Anne Frank offers a wide range of support services for secondary school pupils in the areas of academic guidance, knowledge enhancement and project development. This Issy-les-Moulineaux youth centre, managed by CLAVIM, welcomes young people aged 11 to 25 to provide them with information, guidance and support for their projects. Academic success, citizenship, BAFA, baby sitting, workshops, cultural programming, trips abroad... A team at the service of young people to find solutions, opportunities and paths to success."

Contact person:

Philippe Baudouin

Title of the project

Young people and Europe - Exhibition and stories

Start date:

March 1, 2024

End date:

May 17, 2024

Source of funding:

Own resources


The aim is to inform young people in Issy-les-Moulineaux about Europe and European mobility schemes, particularly in the context of studies and possible work experience abroad. The Espace Jeunes Anne Frank is offering an immersive format based around an exhibition on Europe and the possibilities for mobility within Europe, including, in a photographic format, testimonials from 13 young people who have already had an experience of European mobility.

Why does it correspond to the thematic category:

13 young people will be talking about their experiences in Europe. These testimonies, in photo exhibition format, will be incorporated into a wider exhibition in the form of a trail on the possibilities of European mobility. The exhibition will also provide information about the European elections. The Anne Frank Youth Centre will also be organising quizzes, round tables and games on the subject of Europe.

The impact the initiative had on young people and the local community:

The young people who will be testifying have already been contacted and are very enthusiastic. An announcement will also be made in the town's magazine. The initial feedback has been positive and young people are keen to learn more about Europe (mobility, elections).

How it ensured the visibility and promotion of Eurodesk:

Eurodesk will be promoted through the use of the logo throughout the photo exhibition, which will be professionally produced. The exhibition posters will be used as well as the quizzes. A communication with the Eurodesk logo and a description will be made on the social networks.

How it respected the green principles:

We are integrating ecological principles into our practices at the Anne Frank youth centre. Our project fits into this framework and that of Eurodesk's green principles. Limiting waste in our exhibitions, reusing equipment, carbon footprint, testimonials from young people who have carried out their European project with a sustainable dimension, etc.

L’objectif est d’informer les jeunes de la ville d’Issy-les-Moulineaux sur l’Europe et sur les dispositifs de mobilités européennes notamment dans le cadre des études, de l’expérience professionnelle possible à l’étranger. L’Espace jeunes Anne Frank propose un format immersif autour d’une exposition sur l’Europe et les possibilités de mobilités au sein de l’Europe en incluant sous un format photo, des témoignages de 13 jeunes ayant déjà eu une expérience de mobilité européenne.