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About organisation:

KAINOTOMIA is certified under the Greek Legislation as a Lifelong Training Institution, which was founded in 2013 by a group of people with expertise and a lifelong commitment to the subject of learning. The organization's modern facilities are designed in compliance with accessibility for people with disabilities, while there are 2 facilities with 6 training rooms with a total capacity of 150 trainees. The goal of KAINOTOMIA is the implementation of continuous training programs (offline and online through our e-learning platform) targeted at employed/unemployed people, educators, students of higher education, and vulnerable social groups for the development of professional opportunities and their integration into the labor market and society with special focus to unemployed young people, as our region has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe.

Contact person:

Mike Triantafillou

Title of the project

Time to Youth 2023

Start date:

October 7, 2023

End date:

October 7, 2023

Source of funding:

The whole event was funded by our own resources. The only support we had, was from the Eurodesk Greece, as they have sent us material which was distributed to each participant.


The Time to Youth 2024 Event was organized by the KAINOTOMIA Lifelong Learning Center and it's the annual celebration of the Time to Move campaign initiated by Eurodesk. The event took place on October 07, 2023 at 17:00 - 22:00, at our main facilities in the city center of Larissa. Main Objective:1. Celebrate Mobility Opportunities2. Educate and InformActivities:1. Time to YOUth" activities and interactive workshops, including:a. "Everything about the well-being of young people"b. "Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Fashion"c. "Digital Marketing Differently"d. "Europe in your hands: Discover participation opportunities"2. DJ party and Networking Results:1. Increased awareness: Participants gained increased awareness about the importance of mobility, well-being, sustainable fashion, digital marketing, and European opportunities for youth among participants about the importance of well-being, sustainable fashion, and Digital Marketing 2. Recognition and Promotion: Recognition of the European opportunities for the youth sector offered by Eurodesk and the role of Kainotomia as a local contact point. 3. Engagement and Empowerment: The interactive workshops engaged participants, and empowered them with knowledge and skills related to international mobility and personal development 4. Networking: Celebration of the campaign and networking between

Why does it correspond to the thematic category:

The initiative organized by the Lifelong Learning Center "KAΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ" aligns closely with the thematic category of Youth Participation and Engagement. More specifically:1. Youth Engagement: The event encouraged young people to actively engage in various opportunities, including learning, volunteering, and working abroad.2. Interactive Workshops: The "Time to YOUth" activities and interactive workshops specifically focus on topics relevant to youth, such as well-being, sustainable fashion, digital marketing. Especially for being more attractive our event, we invited Mr Christos Nikas from Athens who is well-known person and influencer in Greece 3. Empowering Youth Through Education: The workshops aimed to empower young participants by providing them with valuable information and skills. Whether it's understanding well-being, making informed choices in fashion, mastering digital marketing, or exploring European opportunities, the young persons were equipped with knowledge to actively participate in shaping their futures.4. Networking Opportunities: The event, including the DJ Party at the end, creates a social and collaborative atmosphere, fostering networking among young participants. Networking is a key aspect of youth engagement, as it enables them to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and potentially make new friends. Especially, in our city it's a great opportunity for the young generation to be socialized.

The impact the initiative had on young people and the local community:

We strongly believe that the Time to YOUth 2024 initiative had a positive impact on young people and the local community. More specifically:- Active Participation: With approximately 50 participants during the workshops and additional attendees during the DJ party, the initiative successfully engaged young people in various activities.- Continued Engagement: The fact that some participants had also taken part in the Time to YOUth 2022 demonstrates a sustained interest and engagement among the youth community.- Community Building: The DJ party held in an outdoor space of the building facilitated social interactions and community building. The extended stay of participants until the end of the event indicates a sense of community and enjoyment, fostering connections among attendees.-Municipal Support: The presence and participation of the Mayor in the event signify support from the local government. The Mayor's interaction with young people through speaking engagements further strengthens the connection between the local administration and the youth community.The Time to YOUth2024 initiative had a notable impact by fostering active participation, building a sense of community, garnering municipal support, and sustaining interest in mobility actions among young people. The initiative seems to have created a positive and engaging environment that extends beyond the event itself, contributing to the overall development and connectivity of the local youth community.

How it ensured the visibility and promotion of Eurodesk:

Incorporating the Time to Move/Eurodesk logo into all designed and published materials is our strategic and effective approach to ensuring visibility and promotion.Please check the attached photo/video below.

How it respected the green principles:

We consistently integrate the principles outlined in the "Greening Youth Information Services Guide," developed by ERYICA and Eurodesk, not only in the execution of Time to YOUth events but as a foundational aspect of our organizational activities.Specifically for the event:1. Digital Communication: Our dissemination campaigns exclusively utilized digital channels, aligning with eco-friendly practices to minimize paper usage and reduce environmental impact.2. Transportation Options: To prioritize sustainability, we covered the travel expenses for our invited expert from Athens solely for train or bus transportation. Additionally, our choice of facilities in the city center was intentional, minimizing travel distances for participants and promoting accessibility.3. Local Sourcing: Emphasizing support for the local community, all materials procured for the event were sourced from local suppliers, contributing to the regional economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.4. Waste Reduction: In our commitment to waste reduction, any surplus food and soft drinks were thoughtfully repurposed by providing them to the staff of our organization, minimizing food waste and ensuring responsible disposal.5. Venue Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our event venue. Our facilities are brand new, incorporating energy-efficient features that contribute to reduced energy consumption and align with our eco-conscious principles.